Pressure Vessel Fabrication and Welding Services

Pressure Vessel Fabrication and Welding Services.
Pressure Vessel Fabrication Services.
Industrial Equipment Installation and Maintenance.
Industrial Welding Services.


MPGIA SA de CV, is a professional services company providing qualified personnel, technical consulting and advising on the implementation of quality systems for the development and installation of projects in the metal mechanic field, both in the industrial and in the commercial sectors.

Our objective is to guarantee our clients the highest quality in product fabrication and technical services assistance, supported by the experience and expertise our personnel, in order to satisfy the needs of the metal mechanic industry.

About Us

MPGIA, SA de CV is committed to the implementation of quality in all operational and administrative processes, to ensure that products and services delivered to its customers meet their needs all the time.

We know the importance our customers give to their projects and our company continues its efforts to ensure that the full range of services offered, meets the highest standards of quality.